About us


Guarding24Seven is a leading security and facility services company. We provide a range of proactive security services and state-of-the-art intelligent technology to provide evolving solutions that help clients  focus on their core business. 

We place a high value on your safety.

We also believe in doing what is right and doing the job efficiently. Our people are the most crucial part of Guarding24Seven SECURITY. They are qualified specialists on site who can prevent crime. Seeing a security officer indicates you’re serious about security on your premises, and they bring a wide variety of skills and attitudes with them. We seek for a skilled team across the board, and we remain committed to safe working conditions and an inclusive workplace.

A tenacious emphasis on our clienteles’ success results in partnerships that are based on quality and value, and is supported by our years of experience. Every day, our partnerships with our workers and clients are at the basis of all we do.

We offer a complete risk management and security system that identifies threats affecting your objectives. We are better equipped to provide personalised solutions for firms like yours by taking a whole risk view and analysing the connected impacts it has on all parts of your company.

Guarding24Seven SECURITY embodies the power of our dedication to our clients, but also the tenacity and good judgement of our employees. Each of our staff is proud to be a part of the Guarding24Seven community and to be a part of our company’s unique success story.