Dog Security

Reliable Dog Security Services

Our Dog Security is committed to preventing theft, vandalism, and trespass on commercial and residential properties, precious assets, venues, and projects. We deal with a variety of private and government organisations, customising protection solutions to match each client’s unique needs.

Our guard and dog security teams are consistently used as a cost-effective solution to defend against the high cost of replacing stolen or damaged items.

One of the most significant advantages of working with Guarding24Seven is dogs’ inherent abilities have improved, making them appropriate for security deployment. Dogs have greater hearing than humans and can notice noises much faster. They can hear sounds four times farther and at a far higher frequency than humans, allowing them to alert guards to any issues they may be unaware of.

Our handlers receive thorough and accurate handling training at Guarding24Seven so that they can build a formidable partnership with their canines to better monitor a factory, large area, or remote non-residential places than any other option.