Our Services

A dedicated provider of specialist security services

Guarding24Seven, UK

Manned Security

Our educated personnel are ready to protect your property. We are here to provide physical defence for your well-being, whether it is in a complex, business area, office, or any retail based location.

Door Supervisor

We keep a highly skilled team of reserve Door Supervisors on hand to provide cover on short notice and to support new contracts where it's needed, allowing us to start with experience and stability.

Events Security

Our experienced specialists are equipped with the required training to handle mobs and other circumstances that could potentially cause injury to people or property damage during public events.

CCTV Surveillance

Our qualified employees are provided with the essential abilities to be diligent and in-mode for intervention when necessary, and we provide monitoring and surveillance via CCTV cameras.


Keyholding necessitates trust and cooperation, which we have developed with our clients over time. Our personnel is trustworthy and accountable for your property, and they understand and are well-trained to efficiently deliver honest service to our consumers.

Mobile Security

Your sites' mobile security is ensured by our licenced drivers. They are trained to pay close attention to their surroundings and to work tirelessly to secure the premises.

Dog Security

A variety of individuals and businesses can benefit from our dog detection services. Our team is ready to assist you, whether you're a high-profile individual in need of a detail or a venue manager in need of assistance with event security and crowd control.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are available for both commercial and residential clients. We provide all of our clients with a free, no-obligation quote and short-notice availability.